Installation in Scotland of the smaller tiled stove, in 2008


When a stove is completed I deliver the tile components, and then personally assemble the stove in the desired location. Tiled stoves have a long history in northern Europe, in Sweden particularly where they developed a system with several internal flues in the C18. Inside this smaller stove the construction contains two internal flues and the body of the stove keeps the heat for approximately four hours after the fire has died down. Height 1.5 m, base 0.47 m square, and the upper part is 0.36 m square. The smoke is conducted about 2 m through the body of the stove before it reaches the chimney. This is a smaller alternative to a tiled wood burning stove. The stove is equipped with a smoke hatch in the top where the internal flue turns. From the centre of the back of the stove the smoke is conducted to a chimney through a horizontal pipe, with both damper and smoke hatch. On the fire door there are vents to regulate the draught. The whole stove is built with mortar consisting of clay, sand and water. The last task is to fill in the joints with paste which is coloured to blend with the tiles. The installation takes about 8-10 working days. The stove should dry out slowly for some months before lighting the first fire.