Sculptural tiled stove, created in 2001-02

The undulating shape of this stove is based on my memory of my grandmotherís rustic style clock.

Built by hand, in a self-supporting structure made of malleable clay. Every tile becomes unique and has its own specific place in the creation. The glossy earthenware tiles are oxidized in the firing and have a tinted glaze, while the matt tiles have a low-salt firing in a reducing atmosphere, which results in a varied colour spectrum.

The tiled stove is 2.36 m high, 0,9 m broad and 0.6 m deep. The tiled platform is 1.20 m x 1. 05 m. The body of this wood-fired stove contains five internal flues, and keeps the heat for approximately twenty hours after the fire has died down. The inner construction is built as the system created by Cronstedt and Wrede.