White tiled stove, created in 2003


A plain white smaller tiled stove, designed to be visually simple and so easy to place. The red earthenware tiles are form pressed in plaster moulds. All tiles have a white slip and are covered with transparent glaze, which has its own pattern of irregular cracks. The metalwork is blue-fired iron.


The wood burning stove is 1.45 m high, base is 0.46 m square, and the upper part is 0.36 m square. The construction is built with two internal flues. From the centre of the back of the stove the smoke is conducted to a chimney through a horizontal pipe, equipped with damper and smoke hatch. On the fire door there is a vent to regulate the draught.

This stove has been shown at Designforum Svensk Form (SE), BÝrglum Kloster (DK), Fiskars (FIN), "100 thoughts about Crafts" national touring exhibition (SE), Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009 (SE).