Yellow tiled stove, created in 1997



Height 2.65 m, base 0.90 m broad and 0.65 m deep. Built free-hand, as a self-supporting sculpture. Made to spread heat and warmth both for body and soul. Inspiration sources are from African clay huts, jukeboxes, and shapes from buds and seeds. There are two important people whose work I have studied and which has given me encouragement and they are Gaudi and Hundertwasser. The tiles have a lively surface with a yellow shiny glaze. The joints between the tiles enhance and enrich the design and give the stove a distinct character.


The construction contains five internal flues and the body of the stove keeps the heat for approximately twenty hours after the fire has died down. This wood burning stove is here temporarily assembled for this show. Thesis exhibition at Läckö Castle (1997) in Sweden.