THE FIREPLACE HAS ALWAYS and certainly in the Nordic climate constituted the natural focal point of the home, where people gather. Its importance is mirrored in the language: the Swedish word "härd" (hearth) does not only mean fireplace, but also home. In Annika Svensson's tiled stoves, this traditional and symbolic meaning is rendered in a modern and daring way. With their generous shapes and deep, intense colors, her tiled stoves offer promises of security and warmth.


The wholly manual manufacturing process resulting in each completed tiled stove, combine an evident consideration for the practical use, along with aspirations towards a forceful artistic expression. The traces of the labor of the hand and their personal appeal convey a sense of life and presence, far from the stereotypically and industrially manufactured tiled stoves. Inspired by the robust expression of rustic style tiled stoves, Annika Svensson accentuates the seams between the tiles, and allows them to form a line pattern that enhances and enriches the design.


In one of her tiled stove, the flowing outer contour is reminiscent of a Mora clock (a type of clock in rustic style) once found in her grandmother's home. Perhaps one may even sense a schematically drawn female body in the form: an archetypical mother figure.


Love Jönsson

Art Critic